Startup Thailand League


      The STARTUP THAILAND LEAGUE project stems from the government’s policy to restructure the country’s economy. Focusing on the startup enterprises as a mechanism to drive the country, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, with support from the National Innovation Agency (NIA) is the central responsible unit for fostering aspiring students who have an entrepreneurial spirit to become sustainable startups warriors. In this project, cooperation between the government, the private sector, and the education sector is the critical element in incubating and developing entrepreneurs and accelerating business to the international market.

      Over the years, NIA has developed an initial enterprise ecosystem within universities. In 2017 when the project started, only 28 universities participated, but now there are 48 universities taking part in the project.

      NIA organizes STARTUP THAILAND LEAGUE 2022 for the 6th year as a platform of opportunity for students with innovative ideas to develop a new business to meet the needs of consumers and society. InnoEM students also actively participated in this event and have won funding for their innovation prototype. Congratulations!.