Innovation Engineering and Management

( innoEM )

innoEM Philosophy

          The Innovation Engineering and Management (innoEM) program is an international interdisciplinary program fully conducted in English language. It aims to produce graduates with comprehensive knowledge and competence in innovation development and management considering both the economic and engineering constraints. This is accomplished through a student-centered learning platform that deploys a variety of activities of interactive lecturing as well as hands-on practice and training from experienced professionals and faculties. Our curriculum offers a new teaching scheme where multiple modules consisting of interconnected courses are open for regular students and personnel from private companies to take together and accumulate credits for graduation (life-long learning mode). This will enhance our students’ experience and at the same time accumulate the knowledge and theories in innovation management for industry personnel in an international atmosphere.

          Our program also focuses on developing presentation and communication skills for our students through case studies, group work, and problem-based learning. In addition, academic integrity and business ethics and morals are implanted in the teaching materials and activities to incubate good global citizens as guided by the motto of  “Prince of Songkla”, His Royal Highness Prince Mahidol Adulyadej:

Our Soul is for the Benefit of Mankind