Our Pride - innoEM Achievements

       innoEM students are provided with a wide range of experiences outside the classroom. They are encouraged and supported to regularly participate in training courses and competitions hosted by both public and private sectors. Each year, they challenge themselves by taking on different local and national pitching rounds. Comments and suggestions they receive from experts and professionals with years of experience are priceless rewards. These off-textbook tactics are practical and useful for their career in the future.

Research 2 Market (R2M)

      The “Path to Innovation (Research to Market – R2M)” project provides opportunities for researchers, innovators, and students to drive research and innovation from educational institutions to commercial use. It is promoted by the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Higher Education, Science Research and Innovation, together with three regional science parks, namely the Northeastern Science Park, Northern Science Park, and Southern Science Park. Through the mechanisms and services of the regional science parks, research will be pushed for further development. It is also an opportunity for educators and students to learn how to start an innovation business.


       This year, our sophomore students teamed up to participate in the R2M competition, and two teams advanced to the regional round: FCD (a solution for car body shop mechanics) and D-Clay (a solution for green construction). We also encouraged our freshmen under the name Green Earth to take on this challenging opportunity, and they proposed a new business model for PLA composite. Over the course of two months, from the university round to the regional round, they impressively demonstrated their characteristics of innovators: self-learning, communication, teamwork, resilience, etc. It was indeed a valuable experience for them all.


      Students who compete under the Path to Innovation Project will learn to do business from experienced professionals. Their knowledge and skills will be enhanced to meet the needs of the industrial market.

      R2M 2022 featured fiercely competitive contestants. Three teams from innoEM (innochem, We are Balanced: VROT, and V- care) had made their way to the regional round. And it was V-care who won one of the tickets to the national R2M contest. It was truly an unforgettable experience!


The Research 2 Market competition invited teams of PSU students from different disciplines to apply for idea challenge to transform research findings to commercial use. In 2021, there were four teams under the names of Jookgroow, GENNEXT, 2Be Yours, and Virus Production made it to a university pitching round. Three of them advanced to the regional contest.

      1. 2BeYours
Nutchanun Paruetaijerdjarus

Phrueksa Piriya

and 3 other PSU students

Title: Synthetic Leather from Natural Rubber


      2. Jookgroow
Nuttanich  Yakob

Techita Kritboonyapat

Kotchamon Apichanapong

Tanakorn Samudinkaew

and other PSU student

Title: Smart Pill Dispenser with Identity Verification and De-humidifier


      3. GENNEXT

Peerasak Mukpan

and 3 other PSU students

Title: Microencapsulated Vibriophage and Micro-encapsulation Process

Startup Thailand League - 2022

      The STARTUP THAILAND LEAGUE project stems from the government’s policy to restructure the country’s economy. Focusing on the startup enterprises as a mechanism to drive the country, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, with support from the National Innovation Agency (NIA) is the central responsible unit for fostering aspiring students who have an entrepreneurial spirit to become sustainable startups warriors. In this project, cooperation between the government, the private sector, and the education sector is the critical element in incubating and developing entrepreneurs and accelerating business to the international market.

      Over the years, NIA has developed an initial enterprise ecosystem within universities. In 2017 when the project started, only 28 universities participated, but now there are 48 universities taking part in the project.

      NIA organizes STARTUP THAILAND LEAGUE 2022 for the 6th year as a platform of opportunity for students with innovative ideas to develop a new business to meet the needs of consumers and society. InnoEM students also actively participated in this event and have won funding for their innovation prototype. Congratulations!.

Startup Thailand League - 2021

      In the PSU Startup Thailand League 2021, there were two teams of innoEM freshmen participated in the training course and pitching contest.  Although they were in their first year, they were bold enough to take on this competitive league. It was the innoEM spirit. Be innoEM!!

Our teams were awarded prototype fund grants of 25,000 THB.

     1. Healthy
Nutchanun Paruetaijerdjarus

Nuttaya Khaengkhan

Pakanun Rattanamanee


Startup Tech: Health Tech

     2. Front Door

Thanatpong Aditapsatit

Phrueksa Piriya

and other PSU student


Startup Tech: Travel Tech

innoEM Design Project I - 2022

      The first semester of their second year, innoEM students took on the first design projects (“Integrative Design of Innovation”). The theme of this semester is innovations to ease off PSU students’ lives. They have come up with new ideas and practiced implementing design thinking skills and design tools, e.g., Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and ergonomics. At the end of the semester, they impressively demonstrated their capability as innovators through technical reports and presentations.

innoEM Design Project II - 2022

      From “Integrative Design of Innovation” to “mechanical design and manufacturing” in the second semester of their junior year, students proposed the ideas of innovation to exercise a system integration skill. This year, a 3D printer (a concept from the “Hackathon U League Competition”), a clothes-folding machine, a surgical lamp, and a chemical-spraying tube for rubber trees are their project missions.  Students continue practicing the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to transform customer requirements to design specifications, before seeking engineering solutions to such demands under practical constraints and limitations. These hand-on projects were carried out in a FabLab of the Faculty of Engineering, Prince of Songkla University. Aside from the innovation prototypes, presentations and technical reports served as proof their learning experiences.

Youth in Charge - 2022

      Youth in Charge is a platform to develop potential, leadership, and opportunities for Thai youth by “In the Lead (Social Enterprise) Co., Ltd”. Youth In Charge joined forces with the regional Science Parks to organize the APEC Regional Youth Symposium. The event provided a space for youth from all four regions (North, Northeastern, East, and South) to show their talents and opinions through fun activities, including brain training challenges and hackathon activities. This year, the theme focused on ideas of social and economic development under the concept of BCG.

      innoEM students once again jumped in with peers from different campuses to participate in this exciting opportunity. And it was “Meta” who won the first place from the south and grabbed a ticket to the final round of the competition in Bangkok.

Hackathon U League for All - 2022

      Hackathon U League for All 2022 is a collaboration between Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) and Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship (IDE) Center, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, with the support of Broadcasting and Telecommunications Research and Development Fund for Public Interest. It is a project for university students to propose innovative ideas to improve the quality of life of vulnerable groups using digital technology, such as the elderly, the disabled, and the underprivileged. The ideas should demonstrate how they can increase opportunities for equality in access and use of technology. Hence, vulnerable people can develop the skills necessary for building their careers using digital technology. The outcomes of this project are awareness of the new generation for society and willingness to reduce the disparity in access to the use of information services.

      This year, a team of innoEM students advanced to the final pitching round and won the first runner up award with their innovation titled “3D Printer (3D Plus) for the blind”.

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Founder Apprentice - 2022

      Founder Apprentice is a project hosted by National Innovation Agency (NIA) to develop innovative and entrepreneurial skills for Thai youths through workshops and practical training or internships with leading startup companies in the country.  Their potential will be extended to the fullest under the supervision of a career coach.  This project is for students who share the passion for being

    • a business owner or a product owner
    • an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur in an innovation business
    • a part of creating impact for the organization and society
    • a part of the new generation of energetic innovator society

      It is an opportunity for aspiring innovators to release creative ideas, meet up, and get advice from real business people.  Our innoEM student, Phrueksa Piriya, “our first penguin,” was selected to join this project and went through experiences in a startup company.  It was tough, of course, but in return, she has gained strength and experiences not many university students would have a chance for.

GPSC Young Social Innovator - 2022

      Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited or GPSC, the innovative power flagship company of the PTT Group has organized the GPSC Young Social Innovator contest for the 4th consecutive year under the concept of “Energy, Natural Resources and a sustainable environment (Sustainable Energy, Natural resource and Environment)” to win the Royal Cup from HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.
The project is open to students from all over the country to share their creative ideas of how to raise awareness and promote a sustainable way of life. Projects can be submitted to the contest in 3 categories:
1) Innovative Products.
2) Invention
3) Processes and Services

In 2023, three innoEM students, Nutchanun Paruetaijerdjarus, Phrueksa Piriya, and Pantita Bupphakit, under the supervision of a professor from Environmental Engineering developed a project titled “Carbon Rubber”, a sustainable carbon credits trading platform for rubber fund cooperatives. The platform allows investors and the rubber fund cooperatives to become business partners in conserving energy and environment. The project yielded an amazing business model for both parties, creating socioeconomic impacts on Thai agricultures. Congratulations to the trio as the winner of the third category!!!!

Innovation Transitioning to Business - 2023

      In the event of the Southern Innovation and Technology Expo (SITE2024), the Southern Thailand Science Park opened up a pitching stage for PSU students to compete for their innovation business ideas. InnoEM students once again took part in the competition and swept the first place (EnCoN, an innovative trending phonecase), together with two honorary mention awards (Auravit, a vitamin delivery patch, and NSD, a lighting device for dentists). It was the first stepping stone toward their dream of becoming a professional!!!