Research to Market – R2M

      The “Path to Innovation (Research to Market – R2M)” project provides opportunities for researchers, innovators, and students to drive research and innovation from educational institutions to commercial use. It is promoted by the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Higher Education, Science Research and Innovation, together with three regional science parks, namely the Northeastern Science Park, Northern Science Park, and Southern Science Park. Through the mechanisms and services of the regional science parks, research will be pushed for further development. It is also an opportunity for educators and students to learn how to start an innovation business.

      Students who compete under the Path to Innovation Project will learn to do business from experienced professionals. Their knowledge and skills will be enhanced to meet the needs of the industrial market. Last year, they made it to the regional pitching round of the competition under the names of Jookgroow, GENNEXT, 2Be yours, and Virus Production. This year, six teams of innoEM students join hands with students from various disciplines to explore the path to innovations from research in engineering and technology.

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